Search Engine Optimization

A Search Engine Optimization (SEO) program increases overall visibility of your business across all search engine platform. It provides an opportunities for brands to create acquisitions (sales, leads, inquiries etc.), and help consumers to engage with your brand, building intent and driving people further along their user journey towards that valuable First Moment of Truth, which is ensured as they find your business on the first page of the search result across all search engine platform.
With rapid evolution in search engine algorithm, BrandStory’s approach to SEO is built on a unique blend of best practice, clear process and ingrained innovation, providing maximum value and measurable results. We have a dedicated team using white hat tools to organically increase your SEO rating and ensure it’s on the first page of the search engine.

Keyword Research

The most important task is to find how consumer search for your industry, and that’s where keywords come to play. Identifying the most apt keyword across search engine platforms relevant to the industry is only beginning of the work. Focusing on the search volume and frequency of the keywords gives an insight about what are the most used and appropriate keywords.

Every industry has a perception about keywords and they often use the same without proper research. The consumers and visitors might not have the same set of thought and this results in poor SEO rating effecting the business search on the web. Keywords are evolving process and are effected by market shift and consumer demand. Ensuring the research is apt and regularly updated is our expertise.

Technical Optimization

SEO technical audit to identify any obstacle at set up phase, plus on-going technical support. Technical optimization consists of two major activities

  • On site SEO –This involves planning, research and implementation during building of website. It is also essential for all websites and is a prerequisite for the second aspect of SEO.
The main component are:
  • Site architecture: It signifies that the site is built in a hierarchical manner with proper structure and the internal links are relevant.
  • Keyword research: The keywords used are both relevant and highly used for the business search.
  • Content: The content is highly optimised and as per SEO requirements
  • Offsite SEO – This involves acquiring links to give an added advantage over your competitor to ensure that the website is highly optimised.
  • Link Building: Building appropriate links to improve website SEO rating
  • Blogging and article: Develop educative and inspiring blog to optimise the search engine
  • Social media bookmarking: Creating presence across multiple social media platform

These are only a few of the many task performed to optimise the search engine, SEO rating are governed by many other factors and we dedicate our resources to achieve the best for our client.

Content Optimization

SEO content audit, then on-going content support. It involves creation of creative content with respect to the business, it not only draws visitors but also influences the SEO rating influencing the business growth. The major activities of content include:

  • Blog writing
  • Videos
  • Infographic exemplars
  • Articles and public posts
  • Case studies and guided book

Developing and regularly updating social media content is also our expertise and we dedicate and build a timeline to never miss an opportunity to share and engage with audience. We ensure that that every content is original and there are no copyright or plagiarism claims, our content is educative and beautifully written in first hand. Content optimization might not directly affect the sales but it adds to the brand value and increases online presence of the business making it more trustworthy, and the most important SEO rating.

Authority Optimization

Authority audit, with a monthly activity designed to enhance the authority of your content both on-site and across the internet. The focus is to discover related and most frequently used keywords pertaining to the industry and regularly updating the business online platform not only to assure the best SEO rating but also generate the right traffic for the website.

The Optimization is phased as follows:

  • SEO campaign strategy and planning (1-2 months)
  • SEO campaign management (2nd month onwards, then on-going)

SEO Strategy

SEO Strategy is a holistic approach where we plan, design and layout the complete schedule of activities to be carried out for improving the website rating. Research processes underpin the fundamentals of our strategic focus under which main highlighting areas are:

  • Keyword- Discovering the relevant and most searched keywords related to the business.
  • Content Development – Content is the core essence of a website. Designing the content schedule and including the appropriate keyword is not only important SEO but an appealing educative content attracts consumers and reduces bounce rate.
  • Developing tailor campaign optimization (best blend of technical, content and authority optimization) to meet agreed goals.

SEO Planning

The entire growth strategy is evenly distributed and at BrandStory SEO campaigns encompasses that we deliver our clients within the time frame. The planning is scheduled on the following parameters

  • Key audit deliverables: Developing a progress report for every phase of the work
  • Technical Support: We work on strict deadline to ensure that the client is delivered as promised.
  • Content and authority optimization: Tactics are planned and executed to fulfil agreed strategic objectives. The content is closely monitored and the topics are strategically planned.

SEO Management

Every search engine is regularly updating their algorithm. We at BrandStory assure that our clients do not stay behind in the race as we regularly examine and update our work, as per industry standards. Once audits are completed, we embark on rolling monthly campaign management. This will focus towards off-site activity (authority optimization), and on-site technical and content support.

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