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Website Development is an integrated process which encompasses a dedicated methodology to develop a website over the internet which amalgamates fulfilment of Business objectives with customers' needs. In a place where everybody claims to be the best, how to find the real best Website Development Company in Manchester ? Well, the truth is no one company is the best fit for all website development related functions. It varies from company to company depending on their specific requirements. One who doesn’t have an extensive methodology can never understand their clients and thereby never deliver assured performance. So, choosing the best web development company in Manchester depends on how the company plans to give solutions to your web development requirements and the success associated with it.

As a leading digital marketing company in Manchester, we will create SEO-friendly professional websites for your business. We are offering a wide range of website development services to all business professional from small business company tohigh end Business Company. We are having 7+ years experienced website designers and developers who will take care of your responsive web designs. Now a days digital marketing plays an important role in promoting business owners products or services online through online marketing services. To create a better online presence for your brand everyone needs SEO friendly website to occupy digital spaces in major search engines result pages.

At Brandstory, the leading web design agency in Manchester, we are not creating just a website but we are always creating a responsive website. This means we create a faster loading website, better user interface design and we test better user experience design across different deviceslike tablet, IOS, android devices and other mobile devices, desktop etc. Our SEO friendly website can easily occupy better-ranking or SERP positionon google, bing, yahoo and other search engines which will lead to business growth organically and produce higher conversion for your business.

BrandStory is a leading Website Development Company in Manchester and we promise to deliver comprehensive, planned and unique Website development services depending upon the client’s’ requirements. Our services range from custom website design to development of complex enterprise Web applications. Our Web development services support guaranteed high-quality, consistent and cost-effective results to maximize clients’ competitive advantage and productivity.

As a leading Web Development company in Manchester, we follow an Agile methodology of Website design and development with constant interaction with the clients throughout the development process to ensure them with the best web development service. We provide a wide range of Web Development Services which is essential encompasses all aspects of Digital Transformation. Brand Story is a complete Digital Solutions company and we know that your website needs to be developing strategies to ensure unique positioning across the digital platform to deliver effective interactive communication to stay ahead in this competitive market.

Website Design Services in Manchester

Brandstory always create a well-versed digital marketing or SEO friendly website.
We are the top rated website designers in Manchester, our website design process has various stages ofa process. The firststage of the process is the planning phase which contains finding the target audience for your products or services. The second stage is the website layout approval, once we get approval we will move to the next stage of the web design process. The third stage is our good web designer will start to identify the website design projects to be built with HTML, CSS or content management system based websites from the gathered information. The final stage is the building a website, custom website design, website graphics design, quality content update, user interface and user experience optimization, page loading speed optimization, SEO-friendly responsive web design development, web hosting management etc.

What is Our Web Development Methodology?

Website Planning: It involves identifying the business objective and formulating a strategy that reflects your corporate image and validates your product/service offerings to the targeted customers.

Website Content: Content is the King. And it is our job to formulate the king in the most unique and royal way. It is our job to make sure that the website content caters to all information needs of the customers and compel them to choose you for their need fulfilment.

Website Design: Our web designing experts integrate interactive designs in the wireframes to ensure visually pleasing website designs to keep the customers engaged. We also make sure that the website is responsive in this mobile-friendly era.

Website Construction and Testing: Website construction involves converting the content and design into web code based on conformance with certain guidelines that include:

  • Browser Compatibility
  • Screen Resolution
  • Web Accessibility
  • Other related essentials viz. Metadata, character set, analytics, sitemap, robots file, search engine submission, title creation etc.

This is followed by Website Testing which involves testing the website against the above guidelines. This ranges from a simple spell-check testing to full functionality and security review followed by real-time operational monitoring.

Website Maintenance and Review: Web Development doesn’t stop with the launch of a website. The real development begins after the site is live and website maintenance is an ongoing process to manage the operational aspect of web development and maintain the online presence of the company. The purpose of a website review is to establish if Website Goals are being achieved and, if not, what corrective action is needed. It is important to review the contribution of the website in attaining the goals and propose and make any further changes or adjustments as per the requirements.

We at BrandStory can help you design and develop end-to-end digital solutions which involve blogging websites, e-commerce websites, information websites, online brochure/catalogue websites and many more with all essential accessibility features including high-volume transaction management, authentication and secured communication, automated workflow, data and content management, and payment gateway integration. With our expertise in content, design, and development, we assure to build customized websites with visually pleasing designs and manage your online presence with respect to the ever-changing user behaviour.

If you are looking for web development services in Manchester that offers the best services as per your demands, you are welcome at BrandStory.

Types of Web Design Offers by Brandstorydigital Website Development Company in Manchester

Different website designs and structures are available in Manchester. These designs can assist your business with different platforms such as mobiles, laptops, desktops, and tablets. Here are some examples that explain different types of designs:

  • Static Website Design

    You are familiar with this statement that different types of website designs are available. So, static website design is one of them. If you hold a small business or are on your startup, this will help you at its best. You have come to the best website designers in Manchester for static website design. The entire process will require less time and investment. The design of the website won’t be compromised at all. The right quality is what you are going to get from us.

    Within this site, you will get all your business details with the experience of your company and profitable products. We are here to develop your website without any delay and with easier customer support. In the upcoming days, you don’t have to face any problem regarding the update of your business profile. This is the right time to join us for a brighter future.

  • Dynamic Website Design

    A website should be a part of your business in the form of an extension. So, working on your business, you should focus on upgrading your site to its latest version as per global or current market trends. If you belong to a small business, you should not be worried at all. We can offer you the right support and grow your website from static to dynamic website design. This tells you how your business growth is a success rate. In Manchester, our company offers the best dynamic website design, which has higher demands. Your company’s website will be fashioned with some vibrant designs and built with integrity. It will give your viewer a sense of your favorite idea with astonishing information.

  • WordPress Website Design

    This is the best platform for business personnel to consider. Many prefer WordPress Web Design to enter the online world. As responsible and highly skilled website designers, we provide you the surety that your company will perform at its best under our surveillance. The WordPress theme is there for you to take for your website. The homepage design won’t contain unnecessary content and attract viewers more with crystal clear content.

  • E-Commerce Web Design

    A sudden rise of online business has lifted many possibilities. The rise of E-Commerce is also one of them. To build a proper E-Commerce website, you should join us as we provide the ultimate experience in E-commerce web design. A business buzz for you is to accept the proposals of your viewers and go online for the sake of your products. A professional can understand your feelings and give you the right path to walk upon. You can now promote your products online without any obstacles.

  • Landing Page Design for Email/Ad campaign

    Do you know why landing page design is a must for you? Well, this helps you collect business leads online. You should make a relationship with an agency that has the best web designers. Only they can recreate endless possibilities with the right art. Our web design company in Manchester can get into this matter and make all processes faster than you ever expected. These services are for your benefit. It can gain more viewers and help them to turn into your regular customers.

  • Design for Web Application

    When you find trouble finding the best web designing company, we are right here in Manchester. There is nothing impossible for our web designers to design different web applications for your company. Our team’s commitment will bring the best content for you within the web applications. Also, the immense touch of mobile responsiveness can help you to gain more customers day by day. We prefer not to delay this type of profitable deal.

Industries We Power Up by Our Website Designing Company in Manchester

A team that leads towards excellence of website design can lead your company’s web development work too. We can give you the best, unique, and creative deals within the website design. Our team jumps into the website designing with some profitable major changes. This is true that our web developers have opened up multiple doors and profitable possible outcomes for you through the development of your website. This is the right chance to take your business online and publish it for the whole internet world. Our development services are open for the following agencies:

  • Hospitality websites
  • Ecommerce web design and development.
  • Industry web solutions
  • Software product websites (for actual demonstration)
  • Placement portal development
  • Interior Designed websites (For attracting possible customers)
  • IT website (including write, plan, and design)
  • Websites for the Real Estate market

Our Web Design and Website Development Services in Manchester

Domain Registration

This is the part where your website can get the right extensions such as .com, .in,, and others within proper pricing.

Website Designing

Online presence is a must for enhancing your business empire. This will help you to recreate a new image among your old customers and cause stronger impressions on new viewers. Eye-catching websites can only be formed with the right agency.

Web Hosting

This is a unique service for us. We deal with the finest online evolving experience in this service and share them with you to meet all your needs. All of our clients will be pleased with such services.

Google SEO

The most cost-effective web development service is Google SEO. These services can elaborate your works and enhance the presence of your company in the entire online world.

Website Maintenance

Regular maintenance is all you need. Brand Story provides all basic as well as advanced website maintenance to keep the rhythm of your website strong for all viewers. This will help you to get higher rankings online and gain fresh viewers. Higher traffic is also a major deal that you can only draw towards your website when you hire the best agency.

E-Commerce Solution

A self-adaptable e-commerce platform is rare to find at a limited pricing point. Now, your customers can give greater details of your products and services.

Web Portal Development

The Internet is the source of endless possibilities. Now, users can get the right backups sooner with the proper business presents. Web portals can help your company to join the world’s leading companies and help to make your own identity in different effective ways.

Content Management Based Websites

This website can make your web services unique in the interference of our web server. You will be provided with a unique login ID to get the best kind of updates on your website through that: easier navigation and no waiting for anybody else’s response with our support.

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